Sauce Vapor

by Guthrie Galileo

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Sauce Vapor seeks to evoke the essence of flavor. It drips blue and pink through headphones and stereo systems and excites the senses.

While the pairing of food and drink is common, Sauce strives to find a parallel between the two and music. For example: the track "Soigne pt. II" might reflect a fresh dish of salmon, the skeletal drum patterns like the fish's sometimes obstacular bones, accompanied with a glass of pinot noir. In contrast, "Cherry Ridge" is more reminiscent of the cola and buttered popcorn you eat in the local movie theater as you sympathize with the protagonist's effort to save the day and rescue the attractive co-star at the same time. It is my most pop-heavy material to date, most of the songs deliver catchy hooks though still remain tasteful. The roots of songwriting are sometimes hard to discern, but I believe the songs hold subconscious allusions to pop-cultural phenomenon which, at some point, have been influential on my personal life and art. So when you throw on Sauce Vapor and press play, strap seat belts and sport your best shades because your listening session will result in adventure– whether it be car chases through the neon glow of future-age metropoleis or satirical visitations to the nuclear families of early American soap operas. Boundless love to everyone who has helped make the adventure real and to all those who will experience it as part of the grand old audience.


released January 28, 2014

Guthrie Galileo
"Sauce Vapor"
CAT#: ISAT-14-0004

Produced and performed by Guthrie Galileo
Mixed by Spencer Goble, with some mixing assistance from Wayne Baker (In Space & Time Studios, San Francisco)
Mastered by John Greenham (Infrasonic Sound Recording Co., Los Angeles)
Album artwork created by Mark De Rutte and Guthrie Galileo

Track Credits
"Champagne Flow"
Lyrics by Guthrie Galileo
Additional vocals by Avery Lavalley

"Cherry Ridge"
Lyrics by Guthrie Galileo

"Motel Honda" feat. Galactic Brown
Lyrics by Guthrie Galileo & Galactic Brown
Saxophone by Billy Weaver
Additional vocals by Galactic Brown

Lyrics by Guthrie Galileo
Saxophone by Billy Weaver

Lyrics by Guthrie Galileo
Rhodes played by Lifted Aquatic


all rights reserved



In Space and Time Records San Francisco, California

A San Francisco-based record label. Representing local talent and progressing a Bay Area sound.

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Track Name: Champagne Flow
casual flutes of the chandon
birthday suits on the front lawn
no judgement calls on conversation
and i dont want to gauge the mood wrong
but your character is something from a blues song
the type to risk her life for recreation
slow dancing in a flaming basement
she keeps her spirit at a slow burn
and sweeps the ash into a gold urn
but the secrets still just beneath the surface
you always say your scared of the deep end
but why are you swimming in the sea then
and if you can't take the heat then
why are you staring at the sun baby
Track Name: Cherry Ridge
you could be just enough to die for–and i will
i drove your dads car like a jaguar
and i'd drive it until haley
collides with the hill
i felt like i was in control then
like i was the colonnade
that keeps you from caving in
and as the skeptic tears themself to shreds
overthinking things that should be improvised instead
im too focused on the hallmark end
that i forget just how the part begins
cuz the things i learned from films to say
are never coming out that way
and even if they did someday
they wouldn't do much to make you stay
with me on cherry ridge
Track Name: Motel Honda
(guthrie galileo)
you on that snapback swag, that was last year
now im wrapped in some rags that be cashmere
as i slide thru the city little gypsy cab fare
on the dashboard, the man keep his prayer flags there
i wear a wooden set around my neck
as present as memories i recollect
my love for life compromise my fear of death
finding peace in the expression of a final breath
anyways never time to think about it much these days
running late, brushing up my portuguese
just building something beautiful to leave behind when
overseas chillin on a beach where the breeze is fine
ipanema in the summertime
amongst a clutter of slums the sun decline
i recover from rum drunks and put on ties
and find comfort in roads i dont recognize

(galactic brown)
my diploma in the way of my diplomacy
soon as i graduate i'll be making more money
find me overseas, still rolling dope spliff
constipation kinda dude cuz i'm giving no shits
about your opinion or your mind, i'm living rather fine
ya'll tripping over rhymes, don't be shittin over mine
oh shit– bring it back like aerobics
can't divide the people up, no quotient
cuz we keep the bar raised to the exponent
multiply by five to the dopeness
add some criticism given from a comrade
and subtract the cynicism take off the tarmac

west coast where i kick it in my grey vans
dont get blinded by the glint up in my raybans
try living in the city on your fitted
its civil war shit when the forcefields lifted
still social limits stay rigid
my fate stay swingin on my chest like a chain
i wear my dreams on my wrist trying to get it right
were all just trying to bring these fantasies to life
Track Name: Soigne Pt. II
soigné soigné, get her out her lingerie
cara like rihanna but her body like beyonce
on and off the runway
shooting for the stars we are martyrs to the gunplay
which breeds a dreamworld, maybelline girl
star believing that our dream girls need appear one way
but feel emotionally mundane, that same world
where real is synonymous with ugly

we livin where sense is ephemeral
and that ain't right
but we don't represent it all
and get lost in the lust of vogue
sugar coated soul, drip that body down the pole
so those who consume it all
are still swollen when the curtains close

soigne soigne, we gonna make it one day
we gonna kick it naked on the lawn where our sons play
sun rays paint rainbows through the sprinkler
run fast cuz you only grow quicker
becoming   cast in that formative scene
hood ornament screams the american dream
apparently im supposed to feel pride
staring out the stunt ride with a family inside?
and i do, but in a intimate sense
so let the evidence breathe between me and you
if they were in my position they could see thats its true
cuz you ain't gotta be on top for the beautiful view
ill read your body like an atlas
together we could make a galaxy out the mattress
and fall asleep dreaming of the things you can't make up
a new world everytime we wake up
Track Name: Cuddleflood
i fell into the middle of a moment
and carried on–the only one–left unfrozen
it was at dusk or dawn or indifference
i didnt know, and still don't know
but there was snow
and white horses

don't make a hideaway out that home
when you need someone, the feeling has just begun
don't make a hideaway out this life alone
what you're running from is only the flood of love

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